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    Welcome to , an all Australian Cat Portal dedicated solely to Australian cats and cat related web sites.

    Features include cat classifieds with cats for sale, cats free to good home and rescue cats available. All have photos and cat classifieds are fully searchable!!! 

    There are cat breeders, cat clubs, pet friendly places to stay, cat services including minding, cat transport and cat insurance. There are some tempting cat products available in "shopping".

    Check out the gallery for 100's of cat photos and add a photo of your cat. Search the cat articles for information on cat health issues, cat breeds, cat tips and more.

    To add your classified or directory listing you will need to become a member. Click here to JOIN and enjoy the experience!!

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    Silver Fox Migaloo SINGAPURA KITTENS

    OzPetShop - Cat Products, Supplies and AccessoriesOzPetShop - Dog Products, Supplies and Accessories

    You should start brushing your kitten from an early age to get him used to the routine. Even a shorthair cat should be brushed regularly and longhair cats daily.

    PetGallery - Pet Photos and Pictures

    AUSBENGAL - Jack and m...

    PetGallery - Pet Photos and Pictures

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